Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) Project

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The Alpine Falls Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) Project will provide a naturally clean and stable water source onsite in cases of emergency and to parts of the world without access to a clean water source. In cases of emergency response following disasters (tornado, earthquake, fire, contaminated water source) the ERV units will arrive onsite within hours (from predetermined strategic locations) to provide drinking water in volume to support entire communities, as well as high alkaline water for cleansing and medical use.

In areas where clean water is unavailable, the ERV units will tap potable water sources such as lakes and wells and (through an exclusive patented filtration process) bring the water up to a naturally clean and stable level, in volume to support entire communities.

We are currently in discussion with both domestic and international government agencies, as well as many large corporations and global organizations, who are making plans to coordinate their efforts to ensure everyone has naturally clean and stable water whenever/wherever needed, with the use of our ERV units.

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